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What Do Chipmunks Eat

One way of getting to the bottom of your chipmunk problem is to find out what do chipmunks eat. There could be something in your yard that could easily be removed or altered to turn the little guy’s interest away from your yard.

Before answering the question of what do chipmunks eat, let’s review a few facts about the rodent type animals. First of all, chipmunks live all over North America and Asia. They are everywhere! There are actually 25 different species of chipmunks and 23 of these live in western North America. Chipmunks are hoarders. They like to stockpile their food when winter is approaching. Their burrows can range from 2-4 meters in length with well concealed entrances. While it is rare that chipmunks carry rabies, they should never be picked up. It is likely that their bites will transmit bacterial infections.

So, what do chipmunks eat?

They actually eat a wide variety of foods. They are omnivores, so they eat both plants and animals. They primarily consume grains, nuts, worms, birds eggs, fungi, and insects. Chipmunks are actually very docile and will eat out of human hands, but remember not to pick those little guys up.

Just recently I noticed that we had attracted a new chipmunk into our yard. It was just after I set up a brand new bird feeder. A pro is that he does clean up for the birds on my deck. Apparently he loves snacking on the seeds that fall from the feeder. Now, as long as he stays away from my beautiful birds’ nests, we may live in peace.

So now that you know the answer to the question what do chipmunks eat, you may have a little more insight as to how to get rid of chipmunks in your yard.